I've come to terms with the fact that I don't want blog anymore, at least not in this way. Yesterday as well as today was spent deleting old texts and images on this blog and my others as well as clearing my YouTube. This decision wasn't made in a second, I've been feeling this way about the blog for a while but kept updating anyway.
I've had this blog for a while and I've done some pretty weird things to it. I don't even know why I got a blog to begin with because my life isn't all that interesting (and my first blog was actually on blogspot), but I did and it started out in Swedish and I switched the design a few times. Eventually I altered it into English instead, because I wanted people from deviantART to be able to read here too, the design kept switching around but was more original than the others I'd experimented with.
Now I've reached a point where I no longer feel like blogging and there is no reason for me to keep my posts up on the internet in that case, however I will keep Kaleido at least for a while longer, since I do read blogs I find it quite handy.
For the future? I don't know - maybe I'll get something on Tumblr.
As a last thank you I'm leaving you with this image, the text on the backside of this sample from Aussie's 3 minute miracle made me smile - Killibinbin!
Donc mes cheris, mon voyage avec Kaleido - c'est fini.

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